How to Apply Mulch to Your Garden

There are lots of advantages of using mulch in your garden. It includes curb appeal by giving your lawn a finished appearance, it retains moisture and helps to regulate weeds.

However, like many products, you need to make sure that it is applied properly in order to get the full benefits. Do not add mulch in early spring. Spring is the time when the soil needs to warm up and enable plant roots

mulchto grow. Because the mulch will, in fact, help to keep the soil cooler, you will delay the development of your plants if you put down mulch too early in the year. Wait till late spring when the danger of frost and cool nights has passed.

While mulch helps to control weeds, it is constantly best to give it a helping hand. Make certain to remove any weeds before you use the mulch and ensure to pull up the roots when you do. If you do this, fewer weeds will grow. If you continue to take out weeds throughout the year, you will certainly find that there are fewer weeds with each passing year.

Keep the mulch at least an inch or more far from the base of plants for two reasons. One, given that mulch maintains moisture, the moist mulch can, in fact, begin to rot away the stems and base of the plants. 2, the mix of shelter (the mulch) and easily available food (your plant) will certainly motivate bugs to stay and increase.

mulchYou ought to add about three inches of mulch every year. If the mulch has huge chunks or pieces, then make the layer deeper. The larger the size of the mulch, the longer it will take for the mulch to work its way into the soil.

Water plants initially, add the mulch and then water again. If you begin with wet soil and water routinely, it will remain wet. Do not add too much mulch. It must never be more than 6 inches deep. If the mulch is too thick, then the roots of your plants will begin to grow in the mulch. This results in a shallow root system that can quickly be damaged by winter and durations of drought.

Lastly, if you have bad soil and desire to improve its quality, you can always mix the organic mulch into the soil at the end of the season.…