Types of Rooftop for Home Use

Roofs play an essential role in defining the style of your home. Roofs come in various shapes and design and differences between regions. Even if you decide to select a single type of roof, it still has several gradations. Therefore, it seems a challenging task for you to pick a roof for your new house or to replace the existing one. Apart from the roofs adding style to your home, they also make your home more resilient to harsh weather conditions. Some of the types of rooftops for homes include :


roofingThe Mansard Roof

It is a four-sided roof that owns a French style. The second slope of the roof are on each side of the house, and they meet to form a low-pitched roof. The upper slope of the roof is less steep than the lower one. The mansard roof helps to create additional living space. It is also an ideal roof for people who wish to make future home decisions.


The Gable Roof

The roof has a triangle shape and comes in two types which are the crossed roof and the side table. The gable roof has a simple design making it easy to build them. The roof also does not hold water and snow due to its triangular shape.


The Gambrel Roof

The Dutch-inspired roof also known as a barn roof is much like the mansard roof. The similarity arises as it also has two different slopes. The main difference is that it has vertical gable ends and it hangs over the façade of the house. It also helps to create additional living space.


The Hip Roof

It has four slopes elevating and joining together. The four slopes, however, do not meet at a single point. At the top, it is flat to allow the slopes to occupy the four corners of the square. It is a solid roof and famous for small structures in snowy and high wind areas.


The Sillion Roof

The roof has a single sloping roof surface usually attached to a taller wall. The skillion roof is easy to assemble and uses much fewer building materials. They are also known to add an aesthetic appeal to any home.


The Saltbox Roof

It has an asymmetrical long pitched design with one short side and one pretty long side. The saltbox roof has a beautiful look from the exterior and neat interior design. The long slope of the saltbox roof makes it easy for water and snow to slide off, making it ideal for areas experiencing
heavy downpour.


The Jerkinhead Roof

The roof shares characteristics with the hip and gable roofs. It can either have hipped ends making it a gable roof or two short sides making it a hip roof. They are more stable than gable roofs and provide additional space than the hip roof. Its higher pitch enables it to offer better reinforcement and offer more living space.


roofThe Bonnet Roof

It has a double …