Five Maintenance Tips for Your Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is a necessity and an excellent investment in every home. This tool helps you clean the different surfaces of your home more efficiently than doing everything manually. It also makes your house smell good, gets rid of dust and allergens, and keeps it a healthier place to live in.

Just like any investment, though, you must take good care of your vacuum cleaner to ensure that it will serve its purpose for a long time. Here are some maintenance tips that you should keep in mind:

Inspect the Belt

The belt is what keeps the roll in place. Over time, especially if you frequently use your vacuum cleaner, the belt will start to loosen up and won’t be able to hold the roll tightly anymore. It can also be damaged in some spots. If so, then you should consider replacing it

Take note that the belt must be replaced at least twice a year. If you use the vacuum cleaner a lot of times, you should inspect and replace the belt more often.

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Check the Brush Roll

Have you noticed that the brush roll is not working right? As you utilize the vacuum, certain items may get stuck in it, which prevents it from spinning. Once that happens, you won’t be able to use the vacuum well.

The best thing that you can do is to clean the brush roll itself. You can either do it while it is still attached or take it off and give it a deep cleaning, which is a lot better. Only do that, though, if you know how to detach and put it back properly. The instructions may vary from one model and brand to another. You should check the owner’s manual.

Replace the Bag

Some people wait until the bag gets really full before they decide to replace it, but that should not be. As soon as you feel that it is 2/3 full, you must switch it out. This will ensure the efficiency of the cleaning device. The more room there is, the better the performance of your vacuum cleaner would be.

Attach the Bag Correctly

Attaching the bag may sound simple, but many homeowners find it challenging, especially when doing it for the first time. Again, you must consult the owner’s manual and follow the steps.

Furthermore, it is important that you get the right bag for your vacuum cleaner. This may vary from one make to another, but there’s something that they should have in common. Whatever the brand or model is, the bag should be attached securely.


Take It to The Service Center

If your vacuum cleaner is acting weird and you can’t figure out what’s wrong with it, it is highly recommended that you take it to the service center. Having it repaired would be much cheaper than buying a new one.…